When in spring of 1991, our senior pastor Father E. Urth left, Father Fränz Müller took over the parish of Dalheim. As this included the parishes of Ellange, Elvange and Wellenstein, it represented a large number of people. During his first year, Father Fränz had to get acquainted and familiarized with his new parishioners. Aside of the J.A.C. in Filsdorf, there was no youth organization in the area. In the spring of 1992 a major event shook the community, which made people aware of the problem of youth on the loose: a group of young people knifed and killed a man living alone in this community to steal just a few thousand francs. These young people ruined at once their own life. Father Fränz realized that there was nothing organized for the youth, nothing of interest to occupy their leisure time. He then came upon the idea of creating a structure proposing interesting activities for the youth of his parish. For sure, he would have been happy if he could attach this structure to Christianity and its ideals. But it had to be activities open to every one , attractive and a novelty for the area.

As not to have to invent the structure, the game rules and the ideas, he wanted to find something that had proven itself in other areas. The idea of starting a Catholic boy-scouts asserted itself. The idea was very good, but in order to create an organization like that, he needed leaders, children, a meeting room, suggestions and materiel. At state level, there existed a federation which supports and supervises the groups according to international rule, but the federation can not propose leaders. The Boy-Scouts' philosophy demands that just as a cell, a group forms itself with a didactic support and numerous councils. A leading group had to be found locally. In the spring of 1992, Father Franz started to spread his ideas and interrogated his parishioners to see if there would be interest in creating a Boy-scouts organization. At the occasion of an Autumn Mass, he proposed to the candidates to meet at the Ellange school on Friday the 27th of November 1992. This would be the occasion for all interested to meet and to exchange ideas. This suggestion generated a lot of discussions and even tensions in some families. On the 27th of November there were a lot of people at the Ellange school meeting who didn't know each other.

There were also the representatives of the Federation of the Luxemburger Boy-Scouts, who explained the principles of Scouting and gave an insight into the obligations and difficulties that it would present to the leaders. Fortunately, besides the people who didn't have past experience with Boy-Scouting, there was a man who all during his youth and for many years during his adult life, had gained the needed experience as group leader. Jang Langehegermann had what was missing to the others interested : good ideas, experience, a scout philosophy, a Christian background, and a shed full of old scout material, from ropes to tents, and a Scout flag. Father Fränz decided to arrange for the large room in the back of the parish house of Dalheim as a meeting room. In spite of a good outline, all this was still but a project. The same day, Jang presented the coordinates to the interested people. A few days later he took contact again with the future leaders and called for a meeting to discuss the details of this project. During the following weeks, 13 people racked their brains to prepare this organization. After long discussions, Carlo's suggestion to call the group "St Martin" was accepted. Our group was under the patronage of this Saint, known for sharing his coat. But what fascinated us most, was that it is historically proven, that Martin, Archbishop of Tours, met the Roman Emperor twice in Trier (Trieste.) There is a Roman Road leading from France to Trier, and this road passes through our Roman village of Ricciacus. It is therefore very possible that St Martin stopped here. Who knows, maybe in all the objects that were found on the site, there may be utensils with which he used to eat!!. Anyway, the realization of this project was progressing. Some people finished their training, others gave up. Jang finished his leadership training, and so on the 22nd of January,13 people signed the constitution. The organization was born, and immediately the communes of the area (Dalheim, Mondorf and Burmerange) were contacted to participate min the cost. Only the commune of Dalheim reacted favorably to our request, and therefore our social see was established there.

The group also registered with the Catholic Federation mof Guides and Scouts of Luxembourg and after a visit of the General Commissioner was accepted. A first meeting was set for Saturday the 6th of March 1993 at 14h30 with all the children of the area. "The Indians" was chosen as theme and information for the subject was gathered. There was a wooden Buffalo, that , with ropes could be used as a moving target for bow and arrow practice. The invitations were sent, the material was ready and the leaders were curious to see how many children would come. Everyone was satisfied as we listed that evening the names of 40 children in the age of Wivels (louveteaux) and 12 candidates for the Avex ( Scouts) . To be able to share the meeting room, it was decided that the Wivels would meet Saturday afternoons with Jose Vandivinit , and Jang would lead the meeting with the Avex on Tuesday nights.In order to balance the size of the groups in the meeting room, some children of the Wivels were directly advanced to the Avex. Tuesday the 16th of March 1993 was our first official meeting.

The group became a reality.